Salary for Town Officials



                                                                                                          April 2015 - 2017                     


Chairman                                                                                                    $8,242.50                                  

Treasurer                                                                                                    $7,822.50                                   

Supervisor                                                                                                  $5.985.00                                  

Town Clerk                                                                                               $17,000.00                                

Constable                                                                                                       $420.00


$30.00 per meeting that is attended

      .555 per mile that is traveled for town assignments



Appointed Offices

Building Inspector                                                                  40% of Building Permit Fee

Zoning Administrator                                                              $4,968.00/yr

Zoning Board Members                                                          $ 30.00 per meeting


Each meeting the zoning members meet at the site or sites to assess it and

then return to the Town Hall for the meeting.


Appeals Board Members will go to a site or sites to assess it and come back to the Town Hall for the meeting



Charges to the Public


Building Permits - $25.00 plus a $1.00 for each $1000 valuation


Zoning Changes, Conditional Use Permits, Variance:   $350.00 plus added expenses if needed for more then the first advertisement and additional meetings.


Site Plan $50.00 Additional to residences, new homes and new outbuildings


Town Board Members


Tom Egan                   Chairman                           685-2052

Jerry Schoonover         Supervisor                        685-6272

Pat Kafer                      Supervisor                       685-0282

Kathryn Lewis              Treasure                           685-0391

Peggy Hendricks            Clerk                              685-6468/cell - 379-4515


Town of Rushford Clerks e-mail        

Town of Rushford Treasurers e-mail

Town of Rushford website