Rushford Town Board Minutes

Wednesday August 11, 2010


The Town of Rushford Board meeting was called to order at 8:00 pm on August 11th by Chairman Tom Egan followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  Roll call was taken with Tom Egan, Patrick Kafer, Jerry Schoonover, Kathryn Lewis and Peggy Hendricks present.  Also present for all or part of the meeting:  16 additional persons per attendance record on file.


Statement of Public Notice   The Board Meeting, the Meeting of Electors, Open Book and the Board of Review were posted at Eureka & Waukau post office, the web page, The Oshkosh Northwestern and the town hall door.  Notices were also mailed to Town Board members and the Zoning Administrators.   


Public Input:  Jim Albright asked if anyone knew about the graffiti by Bob Kirks, on Spring Road, and on Enterprise School.  This is the first that anyone on the board had heard of this. 


Patsy Pomplun asked Fred Kasten how far a berm has to be from adjoining properties.  Kasten stated that as long as you do not go across the line, it is fine.  Subdivision ordinances are different. 


Clerks Report & Minutes:    Motion by Kafer, 2nd by Schoonover to approve the minutes as presented for the July 7, 2010 town board meeting.  Motion carried.  Hendricks reported that the town now has a face book web page.  This will be used for discussions, feedback, comments and photos.  It will also be used as a place to post discussions for a “town watch”. 


Treasurers Report was given by Kathryn Lewis.  The balance in the general account is $132,585.14  There is $70,602.00 in 3 separate Fire Truck CD’s and $2,964.71 in the Now account.  Motion by Kafer, 2nd by Schoonover to accept the treasurer’s report.  Motion carried. 


Payment of invoices –Peggy Hendricks read off the invoices which she approved and submitted to the board for approval of payment for an amount of $9,616.62.  Motion by Schoonover, 2nd by Kafer to pay August bills that were submitted.  Motion carried.


Correspondence & Communications:   Hendricks read the following:

·         A letter from The Sheriff’s Department following up with the letter that Margie Patrick sent on neighborhood watch last month.

·         Schedule of 2010-2011 WisLine Teleconference Series

·         A letter from Winnebago Co Health Department explaining fee exempt water testing for private homeowners wells.

·         A letter to Badger Energy LLC Vendors informing us that they are now owned by Larson Cooperative.


Assessors Report:   Larry Timm reported that there were 9 people who attended Open Book.  Half of the concerns were resolved.  The assessment roll book is now at the town hall.  No changes can be made to the assessment roll at this time.  A person would have to bring their concerns to the Board of Review.  August 15th, the Department of Revenue will have their equalized values out.  Egan asked how a home in foreclosure affects the equalized value.  Timm stated that the DOR does not use this in their report, so it does not hurt the county or the towns equalized value.  Larry Hildebrand asked Timm about a letter he received from the assessor charging him over $400.  He had just put up a building and this letter stated it was a conversion fee for taking land out of agricultural use. 


New Business:   Jim Albright told the town that he had talked to Dave Tellock from Veolia and requests to have a dumpster for his 3 properties instead of having garbage pickup.  He did not know for sure about the recyclables.  Egan has concerns that if one farmer does this, then all would do it.  Many farms now have a dumpster and also roadside pickup.  The Town is charged per house for pickup.  Kafer stated that the Town should talk to Tellock to make sure that everyone is on the “same page” so there is no confusion.  This will be tabled until next month. 


Motion by Schoonover, 2nd by Kafer to appoint Fred Kasten as the Town of Rushford representative to serve on the steering committee for Farmland Preservation.  Motion carried. 


Motion by Kafer, 2nd by Schoonover to approve registration cost for the WTA Annual Convention in LaCrosse on Oct 3-6 and registration costs for the Budget and Finance Workshop held in Ripon on September 1st for any members who wish to attend.  Motion carried.  Pat Schoonover inquired about insurance in case of an accident of a member who is in travel for the town.  Egan stated this is covered in our insurance policy.


Motion by Egan, 2nd by Schoonover to deny the request of the humane officer to carry a loaded firearm while he is on call for protection of coyotes.  Motion carried.  



Discussion of Town Hall maintenance/needs:   Hendricks pointed out the work the Master Gardeners have done on the side of the town hall.  A thank you card will be sent.  On August 6th, the playground project got underway with Freunds digging out the area and putting down gravel.


The Board was sent the 4 estimates that were sent for parking light work.  Bids were received from Encore Electric for $2,050, a bid from A-Masters Electric for $3750, D-Kal for $1725 and $1680 from Zimmer.  Hendricks stated she was concerned the bids were not “apples to apples”, for she tried to explain that the town would provide the concrete for the sonotube, but some bids had this in and some did not.


Motion by Kafer, 2nd by Schoonover to schedule a meeting with Zimmer Electric and DKal to meet with the Board to go over the estimates.  Motion carried.


Pat Schoonover suggested that once the playground is completed, the town should set hours.


Tom Egan reminded Larry Hildebrand to purchase the overhead projector that was voted on to purchase before the money for this is gone. 


Egan mentioned that before budget planning, we might want to discuss poll worker wages.


Upcoming meetings and workshops : 


·         Board of Review on August 27th

·         Poll worker and Chief Inspector Training at the Omro Community Center on August 27th from 2-5 pm

·         Regional Farmland Preservation meeting at Omro Town Hall on August 31st at 7 pm at the Omro Town Hall.

·         Budget and Finance workshop in Ripon on September 1st

·         Omro-Rushford Fire Department meeting on September 8th at 7 pm

·         Partisan Primary on September 14.  Polls open at 7 am

·         WTA Annual Convention at LaCrosse Center on October 3-6


Other meetings the board are aware of:  Kafer mentioned that they had met with Zilges, but nothing has been settled yet. 


Town Zoning Committee Report:  Tom Jackson reported there was not a meeting held in July.  On July 25th there will be a town zoning meeting.  Kasten would like to have a representative from Broadway Estates present.  The County is asking them to do a zoning change along with a Conditional use permit.  The County will have their zoning hearing in September. 


Certified letters were sent to Roger Kasuboski for it was bought to the Boards attention that he was putting up a shop without a conditional use permit.  He had called the clerk and informed her that he had talked to Tom Egan and since the building was on skids, he did not need a conditional use permit.  Tom Egan stated that he had never talked to Mr Kasuboski.  Fred Kasten will contact him, for he is still in violation.


County Zoning Committee Report:  Fred Kasten reported there was not a meeting held for the county. 


Building report:   Egan reported he issued one building permit for a new home in July.


Discussion on Town Maintenance:  Kafer stated that he contacted Badger to see how much it would cost to purchase the LP tank.  They informed him that it would cost $1100. Motion by Kafer, 2nd by Schoonover to stay with Badger Energy and fill the tank without a contract.  Motion carried.


Larry Hildebrand had concerns with vehicles running in the back of Rushford Trails and wanted to close the gate.  Patsy Pomplun volunteered to open and close the gate each day.  It was decided they will wait to see how that works.


Jerry Schoonover suggested that we contact the Community Service officer to meet with the board, the constables and the humane officer for information.  Hendricks will contact her.


Motion by Kafer, 2nd by Schoonover to audit the books at the Board of Review on August 27th.  Motion carried.


Motion by Kafer, 2nd by Schoonover to adjourn the meeting at 9:30.  Motion carried. 

Respectfully submitted by Peggy Hendricks, Clerk