Special Meeting - Rushford Town Board Minutes

Friday, August 24, 2012


Present:  Thomas Egan, Patrick Kafer, Jerry Schoonover, Fred Kasten, Peggy Hendricks, Tim Zillges, Jim Clausen


Notice of this meeting was posted at the Town hall, the Waukau Post office and the corner of K&E in Eureka.


The board met out at Clausen pit at 2:00 to view and inspect the pit and road.  They convened to the Town Hall after inspection. 


Eureka Pines LLC - Tim Zillges, agent and Jim Clausen, owner, was given the Rushford Township non metallic mining permit to fill out.  This is a new permit which will be filled out by all pit owners for file in the clerk’s office. 


Tim Zillges was asked about the berms.  He will be in accordance with the Township Ordinances.  The berms will be constructed according to Section F – Operating Standards and Design Requirements.  He drew on the Existing Site Condition Map where the proposed berms will be.


Winnebago County took pictures of Morrow Road and will send a road review for file in the clerk’s office and a copy will be sent to the agent.  The road condition will be reviewed annually.    Tom Egan asked about the possibility of the Town receiving a bond for the road.  Mr Egan said he realizes that Bohns and other large trucks use Morrow road and he should not be liable for all of the road, but feels he should be responsible for something.  Mr Zillges stated that he is responsible for 50’ of each side of the entrances (2).  He will check into a bond.  Hendricks asked the bond to be sent to the clerk’s office and every year annually.


Mr Zillges said the gate will be kept down by the road and he would like to put in a permanent culvert.  An application was given to Mr Zillges.  Nothing would be hauled into the pit except for rejects for reclamation.  This will only be clean fill.  The board does not feel there is an issue with the water.  This will be reviewed at the annual review.


Chairman Egan stated this will be acted on at the September Board meeting. 


Peggy Hendricks read a letter sent by Attorney Blazel stating that the Town should approve the CSM for Laverenz.  The encroachment is not being created by the CSM, it exists and was created when Division Street was vacated.  This is not creating a new lot and the CSM does not violate any town ordinances.  This will be on the agenda for the September board meeting.


Ripon Truck sent a proposal to trim brush and stump removal.  They agreed to delay billing until after the first of 2013 and the cost will be under $10,000.  This will be discussed and acted on at the September Board meeting.


Peggy Hendricks received a citation and summons from Winnebago County for Clair Davis for continued occupancy of a residence with a failing septic system located on 8343 State Road 21, Omro, WI.




Motion by Kafer, 2nd by Schoonover to adjourn at 4:00.  Motion carried. 

Respectfully submitted by Peggy Hendricks, Clerk