Rushford Town Board Minutes

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


The Town of Rushford July Board meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Chairman Thomas Egan followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  Roll call was taken with Tom Egan, Jerry Schoonover, Patrick Kafer, Kathryn Lewis, and Peggy Hendricks present.  Also present for all or part of the meeting: 15 additional persons per attendance record on file, although several others were present, but did not sign in.


Statement of Public Notice:   Notice of this meeting and the zoning-planning committee meeting was posted at the Town Hall, the Waukau post office and the corner of K&E in Eureka.  In addition, notice of meeting date and the public hearing was published in the Oshkosh Northwestern.  Notices were mailed to Town Board members and the Zoning Administrator.  


Sheriff’s Department representative:   No one was present.


Tom Egan stated that agenda item 12b would be striked from the agenda.


 Clerks Report & Minutes:    Motion by Kafer, 2nd by Schoonover to approve the minutes as presented for the June 6th Town board meeting.  Motion carried.


Treasurers Report was given by Kathryn Lewis.  The balance at the end of June in the general account is $299,835.73.  Motion by Schoonover, 2nd by Kafer to accept the treasurer’s report.  Motion carried. 


Payment of invoices:  Peggy Hendricks approved and submitted to the board the bills for July in the amount of $31,063.87 for approval of payment.  Motion by Kafer, 2nd by Schoonover to pay Julys bills as submitted.  Motion carried. 


Public Input:  Ellen Newman gave a report on the Fox Wisconsin Heritage Parkway. 


Communications & Correspondence: 

·         Hendricks received a backup CD from Assessor Larry Timm with the assessment data he has on his computer

·         Hendricks went over several emails she received complimenting a new driver (Matt Miller) for Veolia.

·         Hendricks read a letter from the Division of Transportation stating there will be a 2013 project of maintenance-level improvement project along WIS 116 extending from WIS 91 in Waukau to the southern limits of the City of Omro.

·         A memorandum from ECWRPC was sent to the Town with new groundwater publication information and notice of a workshop to be held July 27th.


Discussion of Hall maintenance:  

·         Dan Kallas will come to check out the flag pole light, the parking lot light and the outlet in front which is not working.

·         Peggy Hendricks stated that she would like to see a basketball hoop by the playground.  Patsy Pomplun said it was possible that they might be able to donate one.


Discussion of Town maintenance:  


·         The Eureka Posting Board was moved from the old Eureka Post Office to the siren pole located on the corner of HWY E and HWY K.   Hendricks thought a plaque should be placed which says TOWN OF RUSHFORD NOTICES.  Pat Kafer will check into this.




Roads & Brushing: 

·         Peggy Hendricks stated that an application was filled out for the project crew from the Department of Corrections for work in the fall.

·         Tom Egan stated that mowing was done as much as they could do except for Quarry and Eureka Road.  It is possible they were not done because of the stumps.  Tom had asked Ripon Truck to get us a price to remove the stumps, but he has not heard from them yet.  Pat Kafer stated that Quarry road has to be done for it is scratching vehicles.  Tom Egan stated that on 3107 Quarry Drive, the trimming should be done by the land owner and wanted a letter to be sent.  Pat Kafer said the Town should just take care of it.  Concern was expressed by the trimming needed on County Hwy 21 crossroads.


New Business: 

·         Tom Egan had received a call from Tom Davies, Winnebago Co Land and Water Conservation.  Martys Blue Sky Nursery had received approval from the department to install an approved perimeter fence on their property because of substantial losses due to deer damage.  The fence would be cost shared through the WDACP with WDNR funding.  This approval was contingent on approval by the Town of Rushford.  Because the zoning is correct, the Town gave their approval.


Old Business:

·         Peggy Hendricks read the letter from the attorney concerning Jim Schoonver’s request of vacating the alley in Waukau.  It contained steps for Mr. Schoonover to do to start the process if he desired.  Mr Egan stated that he has no problem with this but Mr Schoonover would be liable for all costs.


Town Zoning Committee Report – Dan Stokes: 

Mr Stokes reported that they met on June 27th.  Discussion was for rezoning of parcel #022 1554 and parcel #022 1553. These parcels belong to Jesse and Kelly Domke of 3036 Quarry Road.  A motion was made to recommend to the Board to change the dual zoning of parcel 022 1553, 4.42a, from R1 Residential and A3, to A2, and parcel 022 1553 - R1 Residential to A2. To be included is the .2a from parcel 022 062 101.


Motion by Kafer, 2nd by Schoonover to approve the zoning change for Jesse and Kelly Domke as recommended by the zoning committee for parcels 022 1554, 022 153 and part of #022 062101 to A-2 .  Motion carried.  Motion by Schoonover, 2nd by Kafer to accept the CSM for Jesse and Kelly Domke.  Motion carried. 


Motion by Kafer, 2nd by Schoonover to accept the proposed CSM by Waukau Creek, parcel #022 0517 and 022 051703.  Discussion:  5A was added to Lot 1 and 5A was lowered on Lot 2.  Mr. King would like to sell Lot 1 which is located on County Trunk Hwy E.  Pat Kafer stated that he hopes Mr. King realizes that he can not divide the property any more.  Motion carried


County Zoning Report – Fred Kasten:  Mr Kasten did not have any reports on meetings, but after discussion with the Land and Water Department, he suggested that the Town have an ordinance for ditching.  This should include a site plan, erosion control, setbacks, etc.  This will be bought up to Dean Kaderabek to be included in our rewrite.  


Tom Egan reported that the bridge is scheduled for 2013, the road work on State Hwy 116 which was discussed earlier, and the Health Department had their first organizational meeting since Oshkosh, Neenah and Winnebago County joined together.


Dog/Constable Report:  Hendricks stated that Mr. Mier took one cat into Traxlers.    


Building Permit Report – Tom Egan:


David Albright 8790 Banner Hill Omro, WI  685-2580

Hoop building from Cover all building systems

$5000                    June 7, 2012


Jason Stachura  7858 State Hwy 21, Omro WI

New single dwelling from Heritage Quality Construction LLC, Omro, WI

$268,500                               June 7, 2012


Charles Knigge, 4557 Poygan Ave, Omro, 685-5531

40x60 Pole building

$80,000                 June 27, 2012


Thomas Morgan, 9179 Stone School Road, Omro 279-0127

54x60 Pole Shed, Built by Walter Buildings, Allenton

$68,000                 July 10, 2012


James Albright, 8835 Banner Hill Road, Omro, 948-1039

30x40 stick Garage built by self

$15,000                 July 10, 2012


Shane Kallas, 4085 County Road K, Omro 410-1582

21x41 swimming pool, built by Pool Wizards – 262-617-3723

$12,000                 July 10, 2012


Mr Jim Schoonover mentioned that it would be nice if a walkway would be built in Waukau like they had years ago.  It would be a nice addition to the village.  Tom Egan said he can ask if the County would do anything.  The Town cannot because of the State hwy. 



Upcoming Workshops & Meetings:  



The Board audited Books.


The Board discussed the work to be done on the Town roads this year.  Motion by Egan, 2nd by Schoonover to approve $248,050 for road work.  Motion DID NOT carry.


Motion by Kafer, 2nd by Schoonover to approve $245,000 for road work done by the County.  Motion carried.



Motion by Kafer, 2nd by Schoonover to adjourn at 10:00.  Motion carried. 

Respectfully submitted by Peggy Hendricks, Clerk