Rushford Town Board Minutes

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


The Town of Rushford April Board meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Chairman Thomas Egan followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  Roll call was taken with Tom Egan, Patrick Kafer, Jerry Schoonover, Kathryn Lewis, and Peggy Hendricks present.  Also present for all or part of the meeting: 11 additional persons per attendance record on file, although several others were present, but did not sign in.


Statement of Public Notice:   The Rushford Board Meeting and the zoning committee meeting were posted at the Eureka post office building, the Waukau Post office, the Town hall door and the Town web page.  In addition, public notice of election equipment testing was published in the Oshkosh Northwestern.  Notices were mailed to Town Board members and the Zoning Administrator.  


Sheriff’s Department representative:   Deputy McMillin was present to hear concerns and answer questions. 


Guest Speaker Bill Glatz from Fahrner Asphalt Sealers was present to introduce himself and to explain about some of the services they have that might be beneficial to the Town.


 Clerks Report & Minutes:    Motion by Schoonover, 2nd by Kafer to approve the minutes as presented for the March 7th Town board meeting.  Motion carried.


Treasurers Report was given by Kathryn Lewis.  The balance at the end of March in the general account is $315,490.03.  Motion by Kafer, 2nd by Schoonover to accept the treasurer’s report.  Motion carried. 


Payment of invoices:  Peggy Hendricks approved and submitted to the board the bills for April in the amount of $14,947.71 for approval of payment.  Motion by Kafer, 2nd by Schoonover to pay April bills as submitted.  Motion carried.


CSM for Ralph King:   Chairman Egan explained that the CSM for parcel 022 0241 which the board approved in March was not approved by the County.  The right away was 66’ and was changed to have 33’ on each side.

Motion by Schoonover, 2nd by Kafer to approve the CSM with the correction of 33’ on the side of the new home and 33’ on the farm side on parcel 022 0241.  Motion carried.


Public Input:   Dave Neitzke, 8975 Eureka Lock Road was sent an adjustment on his assessment by the assessor.  Adjustments were made at the 2010 Board of Review and adjustments were made 2011.  They have expanded and for 2012 the adjustments were not made for the assessor feels there was enough evidence of pasture.  Determining pasture land is subjective and Mr Neitzke would like clarification on the criteria and to be sure that it is applied to everyone.  Larry Timm explained this is something for Board of Review.  The Board members will inspect the property.  


Wendi Laverenz, 3094 Quarry Drive thanked the Board for the approval of the street light for Quarry Drive which was put up yesterday.  She asked who pays for the power.  Chairman Egan explained the Town pays for the electrical cost of the light.


Patsy Pomplun, 7505 Cty Rd E asked for clarification on some of the bill payments.  In the financial report from the treasurer this month, there was a hall supply check, #7988 for $931.49.  She had seen this same amount on check number 8005 on the Clerks March Bill payment report last month.  Hendricks explained that the original check of  8005, which was for $1.50 hall supplies, $46.99 printer paper, $856 for registered letter postage and $27 for hall maintenance, was printed out on March 7 for the board to approve for payment.  The check was accidently dated for March 20th, so the bank would not cash it.  The check was then voided out and an identical check was printed which was #7988.  In the Clerks bill payment report, all checks amounts are in broken down in specific accounts, where as the treasurers report shows the total check amount.  The treasurer’s report does not show the check was voided.  Her April report shows the checks that cleared the checking account in March.  The Clerks report is for bills that are to be paid in the present month.  Many of these checks are dated on their due date which may be later in the month.  The reimbursement check was accidently dated for March 20.  The clerk did not want to wait until that time to be reimbursed for such a high amount of postage.  The check amount and the accounts where the money was going to, was approved.


Communications & Correspondence:


Kathryn Lewis had requested and received correspondence from Jolene Hostak, First National Bank explaining about EZdeposit, which is used during tax collection at this time.  She felt with gas prices, this would save the town some money.  The cost of EZDeposit is $25/month.  Mr Egan asked how many times she ran to the bank.  Last month she only went once, but Peggy has deposited money when she goes to the Post Office or on her way to work.  Tom had inquired about mileage.  When the clerk takes it in, it is only when it is combined with another trip that is needed.  Tom Egan asked who is responsible for the checks being deposited in the bank.  According to the DOR, the treasurer is responsible for depositing the money in a timely manner.  The cost to the bank is $9/trip.  If 3 trips to the bank are needed, the Town saves $2.00.  Cash would still have to be taken into the bank.  Motion by Kafer, 2nd by Schoonover not to subscribe to EZdeposit at this time.    DISCUSSION:  It can be revisited if needed.  Motion carried.


Peggy Hendricks reported that Jeff Delmore from Scott Construction stopped by and left information for asphalt surfacing and other road work.  Sunshine Pro Window Cleaning from Waukau also left their business card. 


Tom Egan read the following:


·         Information on a Leadership Conference on April 25th in Green Bay.

·         An email from Martenson & Eisele stating they would like to come to the annual meeting to present a proposal for an ordinance rewrite.  Peggy Hendricks followed up stating that they saw on the web page that we had hired someone else and would not be attending to give that presentation. 


Discussion of Town Hall maintenance/needs:  


Tom Jackson said the floor will need 3-4 coats of wax.  We will need 3-4 days when the hall will not be in use.  He will order the wax.  Nancy Jackson, Peggy Hendricks and Patsy Pomplun will help with the floor.  He will need a week notice.


Both lights in front of the hall are cracked and the bulbs are very expensive.  Pat Kafer will check them out and see what is needed.


Tom Egan said that he talked to Mr Traxler.  The area for the rain garden has to be mowed, sprayed and replanted.


Discussion of Town maintenance:  


Roads & Brushing:  Tom Egan reported the WI Correctional Department is still cutting brush.  Two emails were sent to the clerk from Brian Trebiatowski stating that the dead end sign on Fox Lane was leaning severely and the street name sign at Morrow and 91 was missing.  Both will be taken care of.   Peggy Hendricks mentioned that a resident said that a passing lane on State Hwy 91 by Rush Lake Drive would be nice, for the traffic is very heavy.  Mr Egan said this is beyond our control with 91 being a State Hwy.


New Business:  A culvert permit was issued to Robert Eckstein, 4556 Eureka Road.  This was to extend the existing culvert.  The permit stated it was 15x20, but was amended to 18x24.  Tom Egan mentioned that at least 2 board members would be going out to check the area for which the permit was issued for.




Old Business: 


                Ordinance Rewrite Contract Signing:  At the March meeting, a motion was made to purchase services from Dean Kaderabek for the purpose of Town of Rushford Zoning Ordinance Revision.  A contract was presented to the board.  The contract is from April 4 2012- December 31, 2012, which may be extended upon mutual agreement. Tom Egan stated that he asked the past zoning committee members to stay on a bit with the new committee members since they are familiar with what has to be done with the codes.   Motion by Kafer, 2nd by Schoonover to accept and sign the “Purchase of Professional Services Agreement” prepared by Dean Kaderabek.  Motion carried.


                Discussion on Parcel #022 031203, 8858 Edgewater Ridge – James Erdmann:  Tom Egan stated there were people and children living at the Erdmann property.  There have been neighbor complaints.  When Mr Egan talked to the County earlier, there was no one residing there.  The Town and the assessor do not consider this a house.  There has not been a building permit issued.  He had 30 days granted to him in January 2011 to submit site plans which was not done.  Another gentleman was going to buy it, but nothing was done.  Certified letters have been sent and not accepted.  It was mentioned Mr Erdmann is living in Poy Sippi at this time.   The Clerk stated a certified letter was sent informing him of this board meeting.  Nothing has been returned at this time.  Mr Schoonover asked if there were children residing at the parcel, if the School or County could do something.  Mr Kafer said we should have someone go in and check to see if the building meets our codes.  If not, a raze order should be issued.  Mr Egan said Marty Johnson is a state inspector.  Hendricks stated she had called the WTA attorney and they suggested getting an attorney to draw up a raze order, which is the same as eviction notice.  Mr Kafer suggested seeing what the County can do at this time.  Then we should ask an attorney.  Tom Egan suggested we wait until we know who the Town attorney will be.  The attorney can decide what the Town should do at that time.  Mr Kafer stated that documentation has been kept and would be turned over to the attorney.   The Clerk will put appointment of Town attorney on the Annual Meeting agenda.


                Fair Debt Collection for Ms Kandi Zarling:  Peggy Hendricks stated that a final letter was sent to Ms Zarling from Mr Selsing to give her one more chance to pay the animal citation before it is turned over to the County.  At this time, nothing has been received.  Motion by Kafer, 2nd by Schoonover to table this until a Town Attorney is decided on.  Motion carried.


Town Assessor Report – Larry Timm:  Mr Timm reported he has completed the assessments for 2012.  This year he is concentrating on pasture land and forest land.  There have been no arm length sales of residential properties this year.     Motion by Schoonover, 2nd by Kafer to schedule the Board of Review on June 2, 2012 from 9am – 11 am and Open Book on May 25 from 3 pm – 7 pm.  Motion carried.


Town Zoning Committee Report – Tom Jackson:  Tom Jackson stated that most of the zoning was covered earlier with Mr King.  Across the road from his house, his son is asking for a 12’ right away across his existing culvert.  Then a 33’ right away coming along the State right away.  A CSM will be drawn up for this.  Questions were asked about emergency vehicles.  There were pictures and discussion about some ditching that had been done on private property.  The slopes of the sidewalls were on the neighbor’s lot line.  The town does not have an ordinance for guidelines for ditching. 


                Discussion on Nominations for Zoning Committee:  Mr Egan on behalf of the board thanked Tom Jackson and the zoning committee members for an outstanding job they had done though the past years.  For the Boards consideration, Mr Egan read off the following nominations:  Dan Stokes, Russell Lee, Ellen Newman, Nicole Bahn, and Jerry Schoonover.  Patsy Pomplun will be the alternate.  Mr Kafer asked how the terms would be staggered.  When the committee meets for their organizational meeting, it will be decided.  There will be a 3-2-1 year term with a 6 yr limit.  Chuck Meir Jr was the alternate previously.  Motion by Kafer, 2nd by Egan to accept the nominations for the zoning committee.  Motion carried.





Building Permit Report – Tom Egan:


Thomas J Schuster, 3218 Quarry Dr, Omro, WI  54963, 920-379-7000

Single family dwelling at 3204 Quarry Drive, Omro, WI

Built by Jim Longworth, Oshkosh, WI

$200,000               March 6, 2012



William Rew, 3098 Spring Street, Omro, WI  420-5775

Windows & Siding at same address by self

$7,000                   March 21, 2012


Lee Traxler, 83321 Liberty School Road, Omro, 685-6857

Metal lean-to pole shed 24x60 at 8316 Liberty School Road by Self

$5,000                   March 18, 2012



Rick Gehrke, 9016 Bell School Rd, Omro, 369-6369

Remodel bath, bedroom and new windows at home by Gehrke Construction

$5,000                   March 28, 2012


Shale Management, 4324 Springbrook Ln, Omro 468-6323

Overhead door by Schuster Overhead Door for property at 8389 Liberty School Rd, Omro

$3,700                   April 2, 2012



Reports on Meetings that have been attended:  


·         Election Information meeting, March 26 at 1:00 at the Coughlin Center:  Peggy Hendricks reported that Sandy Lewis and Sean Edinger attended.

·         Spring Election Day April 3:  Peggy Hendricks reported there were 284 voters and we have 4 more elections this year. 



Upcoming meetings and workshops:


·         Winnebago Unit WTA meeting on April 5 at the Nepeuskun Town Hall.   Tom Egan said he will be asking about the ½ reimbursement for culverts – if it should be modified or leave as is.  This grant is for larger culverts and some townships have a larger number then others.  A town is paying for everyone else’s culverts. 

·         Annual Meeting on April 11 at 7:00. 


County Update:  Tom Egan:  The County met with the Mayor of Berlin and the Berlin Boat Club at the last meeting concerning Eureka Bridge.  $50,000 is needed to build the bridge the way the Boat Club would like it.  The County would like the Boat Club to put money towards the amount. 


The DOT said the project for Hwy 116 is for 2017 as of now.  Omro to Hwy 91 will be done before Winneconne. 


Motion by Schoonover, 2nd by Kafer to adjourn at 9:10.  Motion carried. 

Respectfully submitted by Peggy Hendricks, Clerk