Rushford Meeting of Electors Minutes
Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The meeting of Electors was called to order at 6:30 pm by Thomas Egan.  Discussion will be if we should go from two to one constable.  According to the Wisconsin Town Association Attorneys, this is done at a meeting of the electors.

Discussion- Ellen Newman expressed concerns with the break ins in the township and questioned going down in number of constables.  She asked what the duties are of the constable.  According to state statues, the board assigns duties to constables.  She asked if the constables carried a weapon.  Tom Egan stated that the town has never issued a weapon to a constable and the town has never authorized the use of a weapon.  Mrs. Newman was worried about the town’s liability if a constable carried a gun for the town

Sean Edinger explained the duties of a constable.  He stated that he was sworn into office to uphold the laws of the state and uphold the duties the town has assigned.  The constable gets called for animal disturbances, individual disagreements between neighbors, etc.  If he cannot resolve the problem, he will call the sheriff’s department.  Basically the constable is a peace officer.  He also helps out with water control on the river with Winnebago County.  He delivers citations and registered letters for the town.

Hendricks stated that most townships have one constable.  The Town of Rushford always had 2 constables, one from the Eureka area and one from the Waukau area.  No one from Waukau has shown an interest in the office.

Chuck Mier stated that he would not want to see a constable confronting someone breaking into a premise. 
Chuck Mier made a motion to eliminate one constable and the salary for the 2nd constable would be given to the one.

It was asked what hours the constable has.  Mr Edinger works full time but it is shift work.  He is available most of the time, but if not, a resident should then call the sheriff’s department.  The pay for the constable for 2011 is $200.  If we go to one, the pay will be $400/year.  If a sheriff is called and he feels it is a constable job, he will call the constable.  If they cannot get in contact with him, then they will start calling town board members.  If the constable is called to a call and feels he needs backup, he calls the Sherriff’s office.  It was suggested that the constable puts on his answering machine that if they are calling about an emergency, they should call the Sherriff’s Department.
Jon Fredrick 2nd the motion. 

Discussion:  Marjorie Patrick, Hwy 21, stated that they have been broke into.  She feels that a constable should not confront someone, but was wondering if it was possible to have the constable set up a neighborhood watch as part of his responsibilities.  Egan stated that the town does not have a neighborhood watch, but Hendricks has a neighborhood watch discussion group on the Towns face book web page. 

Jerry Schoonover stated that the developments over in Waukau are growing and maybe someone would be interested in the position at a later date.  Some residents feel that having two constables give people peace of mind with the break ins.  It was asked if it is that hard to fill the position with a person who would want the job.  The feeling is that is true.  No one has expressed interest in the constable job.

Tom Egan commented that Sean Edinger is very active, but there might come a time where he would not be constable and to keep that in mind.    Pat Kafer stated that he feels we should go to one constable and review the situation in a couple of years.

Tom Egan called for a vote by hand.  The vote was 10-6.  The Town will have one constable and the pay wage will be $400/year for 2011-2013.

Meeting adjourned.