Minutes from Special Meeting of the Rushford Electors

 August 11, 2010


Meeting of the Electors carried over from April Annual meeting


Meeting of the electors was called to order at 7:00 pm by Tom Egan.  Ellen Newman stated that this meeting should have been posted as a Class 2.  Hendricks stated that it was in the Northwestern just once and posted in the usual places.  She had contacted the WTA attorneys on guidelines for this meeting and since they did not state any posting statues, she did not look it up.  Egan explained to the audience that salaries and discussion on Farmland Preservation was tabled from the April Annual meeting to an August meeting.   Egan asked if anyone had any questions, problems or concerns.  None was stated.


Patsy Pomplun, 7505 Cty Trk E suggested a 6.5% salary package spread out amongst all elected officials and the zoning commissioner.   


Hendricks stated that she has a WTA salary formula that many townships use for salary wages.  She also has a survey from surrounding townships on their salaries.  She feels that the suggested salaries are too low.  Rushford is close in salaries according to the WTA with exception to the clerk.


Larry Timm suggested that the extra activities such as cleaning, web master, etc should be paid extra, for these are not duties of the clerk. 


Fred Kasten, 3034 Delhi Road, stated that the total salary budget is $36100 and per diems are $8000.  He feels the clerk is basically the administrator of the town.   


Action items

Motion by Fred Kasten, 2nd by Ellen Newman to increase the clerk’s salary to $11,000/yr.  There was no discussion.   Motion passed unanimously. 

Fred Kasten agrees with Larry Timm and suggested that any duties done by others that are not in the job description should be subsidized by per diem or some other method.  Cleaning the town hall should be town hall maintenance. 


Tom Egan stated the treasurer salary should be raised.  Tom Jackson inquired what the WTA recommendations were for officials.


Peggy Hendricks stated that she feels that all officials should have raises for the work that is done and since salary’s are discussed once every two years.  Patsy Pomplun asked how many hours people actually work.  Pat Kafer stated he does not keep a log, certain times of years are busier than others and he does not need a raise.  He feels that all wages should be froze except for the clerk and that the clerk salary should be more than $11,000, but it has already been voted on.


Jim Albright said that it is not about how much time is put in, it is the responsibility. 


Action items


Motion by Patsy Pomplun,   2nd by Tom Jackson that the Chair person receives $7100, the supervisors receive $5200, the treasurer receives $6700, the zoning administrator receives $4600 and the constable receives $200. 


Fred Kasten explained about the Farmland Preservation Program. 


Motion by Pat Kafer, 2nd by Jerry Schoonover to adjourn the special meeting and go into the August monthly board meeting.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm