Town of Rushford Appeals Board


October 13, 2010

6:00 pm

Town of Rushford Town hall


Fred Kasten, Peggy Hendricks, Steve Demuth, Helen Larsen, Charles Knigge, Warren Bohn, Janet Helmuth, Robert Freeman, Ken Larsen


Fred Kasten opened the meeting of the Appeals Board explaining the State Statues rules. The Committee will have to elect a chairperson and designate someone to be recording secretary. When a vote is taken, the vote has to be unanimous or 4-1 decision. It cannot be 3-2. Any decision is final and the town board has no jurisdiction over the decision made by the Appeals board. The votes are recorded. The application was a request for a variance from a 30 setback from the back property line to a 20 setback. Robert Freeman would like to build a 24x26 garage on parcel # 022-085801, 2537 State Road 116, Omro, Wi.


Janet Helmuth nominated Charlie Knigge for chairman.


Charles Knigge called the Appeals Meeting to order. He asked Robert Freeman for the background and how it came to light that he would need a variance. Mr Freeman stated he knew the setback was 30, but he would prefer 20. Fred Kasten told Mr Freeman that he could either go for a zoning change of R-1, where the set back would be 10, or apply for a variance.


Mr Bohn inquired if any of the neighbors had objected. Hendricks stated that a letter was sent to each neighbor and no concerns were bought to her attention.


Mr Freeman stated that the garage would have a 4-12 pitch and be 8 high.


Roll call vote for the acceptance of the variance was taken:


Steve Demuth Accept

Helen Larsen Accept

Charlie Knigge Accept

Warren Bohn Accept

Janet Helmuth Accept


The Variance request passed unanimously. Charles Knigge adjourned the meeting at 6:10 pm.