Rushford Zoning Committee Minutes
Wednesday, March 29, 2012

  Committee & Board members present:  Tom Jackson, Larry Hildebrand, Dean Kaderabek, Jan Clausen, Fred Kasten, Tom Egan,  Jerry Schoonover, Peggy Hendricks; also present for all or part of the meeting:  2 additional persons per attendance record on file.  Tom Jackson called the meeting to order at 7:00.

  Discussion on Lnad Division/Planning for Ralph King Properties:

Tom Jackson asked Dean Kaderabek to explain the 85’ questionable frontage.  The board had suggested 66’.  He explained the County is similar.  They do not want to create any lots which would be land locked.  A CSM was approved at the last meeting which the county did not approve.  The CSM was redone with another 33’ added on from the new lot.  This is so access would never be denied.  Motion by Egan, 2nd by Hildebrand to approve the new CSM with the new description.  DISCUSSION:  Emergency vehicle entry was discussed.  Motion carried with 4 ayes – 1 nay.

  Discussion was on another King Land Division for Lucus King.  This would be on 022-0231.  A preliminary plan was presented.  Mr King explained there would be an easement through Mr Kings building area and Woods.  A right of way would be 12’ of farm yard entrance & culvert, 33’ along Hwy 21 right away, then 1.92 A right of way on the west line. This is so the lot would have access besides though the easement. Motion by Hildebrand, 2nd by Kaderabek to approve the preliminary plan which includes 12’ of the existing culvert of Lot 1, 33’ strip adjacent to right away (N), W of the Lot. Motion carried unanimously.

  The zoning on Kings Property was reviewed and the clerk filled out a zoning request change to the County for parcels 022 0227, 022 0242, 022 024301, 022 0243, 022 0224, 022 0231, 022 23301, 022 0241, 022 0240, 022 0241, 022 0256 to be zoned A-2. 

  Discussion on Albright Land Division:   Fred Kasten explained a CSM and zoning hearing will be coming up for Albrights.  The parcels were looked at and discussed.

  Discussion on land ditching on private property:  Tom Egan presented pictures of ditching which was done.  It showed the sidewall on neighbor’s lot lines.  The Town does not have an ordinance for setbacks, depths or slopes on ditches.   A complaint was sent to the DNR concerning potential stream realignment and placement of fill material below the ordinary high water mark in SE1/4, NE1/4, Section 31, T18N, R15E, and Winnebago County – James Potratz.

  Discussion on land ditching on private property:  Tom Egan explained about nominations for the next zoning committee.  He will make recommendations at the April Board meeting which will be held April 4th.

  Motion by Hildebrand, 2nd by Clausen to adjourn at 9:20.  Motion carried.