Fentanyl has taken over the headlines and has become a huge problem because of how deadly the drug is and the number of people it is killing everyday. The reason we are now seeing so many fentanyl deaths is that it only takes a small amount to cause overdose as it is the most powerful opiate in the streets and now enemy number one in the opiate crisis. The reason we are seeing so much fentanyl hit the streets is that the drug cartel's and drug dealers understand how powerfully addictive the drug is and how fast it can lead to physical addiction.

So not only is the drug sold in the streets in its pure form it also detected in most of the heroin sold today. The most recent problem we are now having is that fentanyl is showing up in all our other street drugs with the intention of getting people physically addicted and needing to come back for more. This has caused many new overdose deaths we see today. It is showing up in our street drugs such as cocaine where the users are unaware they are putting them selves in danger. This is becoming a major concern over the last few years and and a known risk people are taking when they buy drugs off the streets.

The new issue we are having with fentanyl is that is is now showing up in fake prescription medicine where people think they are taking a prescription drug sold in the streets and it has put even our children at risk. People are completely unaware that the pills are fake and laced with fentanyl causing some to overdose.

This new crisis is becoming more common today and people need to know the risks involved with buying pills off the streets. If someone still decides they want to take these drugs after becoming aware of the dangers then they can prepare themselves for overdose by having Narcan on hand when they use.

This why our addiction expert, former federal prosecutor and now Deputy Director Andrew McKenna wrote this article to help raise awareness about this new crisis and help save lives.

Here is the link to add: Fake Prescription Medicine Laced With Fentanyl