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2020 Town of Rushford Newsletter
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1. The Sheriff's Office is continually receiving complaints regarding Scams and Frauds that are taking place and affecting residents of Winnebago Co.  Please read the following information to get helpful tips and some of the latest scams.  Click Here for the article.

2.  Want to contribute to research on wildlife?  SNAPSHOT Wisconsin is now accepting volunteers to host a trail camera on 10 or more acres of public or private land.  Click here for more information!

3.  Meth is becoming a big problem not just in the cities, but in Winnebago County.  Click on the links to see the "Meth Lab Property Indicators" and "Signs of meth use or sales"

4.  Interested in 2020 Winnebago County Board Scholarship Program?  Applications are available at the Rushford Town Hall.


Helping hands from UMC and ECBC!

 "Martha's Meal - Free Community Soup & Sandwich meal every Wednesday from 5 pm - 6 pm. at United Methodist Church in Eureka and Food Pantry at 3067 Cty Rd K, Eureka is open Thursdays from 4 pm - 6 pm